Account Management

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Users belong to one of two access levels; Modeller or Collaborator. Each user belongs of a specific Client which represents their employer.

Users can be added to additional clients with either a Modeller or Collaborator level role. This can be used to provide a MODLR Developer with access to their client’s environments within the context of the given role.

Consultants often have access to many clients with a Modeller role. This provides them ongoing access to the client environment for the purposes of new development, maintenance or support.

To have an account configured with access to one of your client environments, create a new support request here: and include the clients contact email address.

Modeller Role

Modeller users have administrative access to MODLR Instances. There is no area of the platform which is restricted from this role.

Collaborator Role

Collaborator users are exclusively limited to the Applications which they have been specifically added to. Within these Applications, collaborators are limited to specific pages or slices of data models using security tags.

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