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What is MODLR?

The MODLR™ CPM Cloud integrates corporate planning, performance management and operational key performance indicator reporting to enable customers to optimise business processes, the quality of decision making and the speed of decision making. MODLR provides real-time business insights, process work-flow with accountability and a consistent view of information across the business. This provides business users with an advantage over traditional business decision makers.


About Our Name

Models are at the heart of many aspects of modern life – they are used to design buildings, forecast the weather and for countless other purposes. Perhaps most strikingly, they provide vital information to decision-makers in business and finance. Good models enable important decisions to be based on sound information. So our name MODLR, to us represents the way in which we can shorten the development cycle and improve the process for building solutions by empowering the the people who know the business intimately with the tools they need to create their models in a way that is less time consuming, more scalable and ultimately adds value to the business.

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